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Golf Course Flyover with Yardages, Slope, and Signage

Why Golf Course Flyovers?

Golfers love to play on new courses. But which one, how long is it, what does it look like, how hard is it? We answer all these questions for your customers with our Aerials Flyovers. We fly your course with our professional drones. We gather yardage on each hole and work our magic in the office to accurately place each yardage, distance, slope and computer-generated sign on each hole. We want each golfer that watches these videos on your website to come play your course and have fun playing!

Don’t Know which golf course flyover option? We can talk you though the best options for you.
  • Flyover – We fly your course with our professional drones and capture each hole in 4K!
  • Course Yardage – After we capture each hole in 4K, we add yardage that is provided by your course or we can gather the yardage for you.
  • Green Slope – Through animated arrows, we show the slope of the green giving each player a better understanding of how to read the greens.
  • Digital Signage – Computer-generated signage placed on your course for branding, marketing or information purposes.
  • Elevation Change – Visually add elevation yardage up or down to navigate which club to use.