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Welcome to Sula Aerials

We are excited about drones and how they can safely and efficiently help your business.

Todd Mowen (founder/pilot) got excited about drones over three years ago when he brought aerial cinematography into his video production company. Once he started to fly drones, Todd couldn’t stop! Quickly he saw the potential uses for drones outside the creative industry and wanted to learn more. Todd went to DJI’s commercial drone conference and was thrilled when he saw the Autodesk booth talking about photogrammetry. With Todd’s degree in Computer Animation, he was instantly hooked on learning how to use drones to take measurements, create 3D models, measure volume data and so much more.  Growing up around construction, Todd thought of so many uses for the construction industry. Since that day, Todd started Sula Aerials to help people and businesses using drones with his expertise in cinematography, photogrammetry, and photography.

Our Specialties

Our Team

Todd Mowen

Founder and Chief Drone Pilot

Todd Mowen is the Founder of Sula Aerials and Chief Drone Pilot. He graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation, which fostered his passion for visual storytelling. For the past 16 years he has operated a video production company and when UAV (drone) technology developed, he saw the vast benefits to his clients on adding them to the services he offers. Todd’s experience as a cinematographer and as an FAA certified UAV pilot, has given him the opportunity to travel the country doing what he loves by offering clients solutions to their business needs. Additionally, Todd is highly sought after as a UAS speaker, educator and drone pilot instructor. When he is not working you will find him outdoors exploring, hiking, mountain biking, taking photos and flying drones.

Roger Sauter

Drone Pilot

Roger Sauter has an extensive background in aviation. He served in the USAF as an aircraft mechanic. With his passion for aviation, he completed training to become a corporate pilot for several companies in Arizona. After serving as a corporate pilot, he moved onto becoming an Air Traffic controller in the high pressure environment of long range radar for the Los Angeles area. In that position, he coordinated many military operations directing aircraft in and out of restricted areas including alfa strikes and operation Red Flag. After leaving the ATC system, he has moved onto UAV drones using his abilities to assist in making several training videos for Arizona east valley school systems.

Joseph Parkinson

Drone Pilot

Joe’s professional experience includes full careers in the Military, Law Enforcement and as Regional Sales Manager for multiple companies supporting State, Local and Federal Law Enforcement specialized electronic equipment needs. Joe became interested in Drones while pursuing his passion for Gold Prospecting in the Arizona deserts.

Dean Mowen

Key Construction Consultant

Dean Mowen is the Founder of Prudential Construction Incorporated that was established in 1985. Dean is highly skilled in construction and even though retired now, loves building things. He worked early on for several major construction companies gaining a skillset others wanted. Dean has had the opportunity to consult on projects internationally. Prudential Construction enjoyed continued growth and success since its inception. With Dean’s leadership and knowledge, PCI earned the right and is privileged to provide services to major developers and owners and is a known and well-respected construction company in the industry.