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3D Textured Model

Your Real-World Object, Jobsite, or Scene Turned into 3D

What is a 3D Textured Mesh?

A 3D Textured Mesh is a collection of vertices, edges, and faces that create the shape of a 3D object. Simply put, a 3D Textured Mesh is your object, jobsite, or scene turn into a computer-generated 3D file.

Sula Aerials provides an easy-to-read, detailed pdf report of your project based your project data needs. We can generate 3D models and distances, area, volume measurements, and more!

Need the 3D Textured Mesh for your project? Here are our file types we deliver in:
    • .obj & .fbx – Used in a lot of 3D software programs for visualization, manipulation, simulation, and more!
  • .dfx & .ply – Used to view as a triangle mesh
Don’t see the file you need? We can export to several other file types!

Crash Reconstruction 3D Model

Mine 3D Model for Cut and Fill Volumes

Saguaro for 3D Game Model

Petrified Wood 3D Model

Sula Aerials can only provide survey-grade land data with the cooperation of a licensed surveyor. Sula Aerials is not licensed to provide independent survey data.